About Me

I am a District Vice Principal for Learning  with Greater Victoria School District 61, in British Columbia, Canada. I work to serve and support all learners to effectively integrate of technology to further build community, relationship, curiosity and sharing in the classroom. , to amplify great teaching and learning in today’s classroom.

I am passionate about shared leadership with the collaboration of all stakeholders in education. Innovative practice should first and foremost consider “what is best for kids” while working through relationship. In order for technology to be used for learning in transformative ways, learning needs to be first and technology second. I aim to be a part of the learning process, and I work to give everyone the opportunities to become leaders in our school community.

I encourage connection so feel free to reach out to me in these various ways –  Twitter,
LinkedIn, Facebook, or via email at dshortreed@sd61.bc.ca

I am a Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2.