I have had the privilege of connecting across 48 schools in the Greater Victoria School District 61. In the K-12 schools I see incredible teaching and learning that is worth capturing and sharing. All of my sessions celebrate the great work of teachers and students in classrooms.

When thinking about innovation in schools I think of two things: building a network beyond a classroom, school, or district, while also being willing to be transparent and share resources. My overaching goal whenever sharing with a group is the goal of building community. Whether the session is focussed on a topic, theme, tool, and book, the goal is to build and facilitate community where folks feel honoured and heard. There is a sense of belonging, because we all know that there is strength in numbers. I welcome feedback and participation because it will always contribute to the room.

Innovation is not a top down, and in fact, it is not a bottom up. We are all a part of innovation and the way forward. The key is that we are in this together.

Here is a quick list of workshops I have facilitated at conferences. I am most comfortable facilitating room conversations since often the most valuable resource in a session is the person next to you.  I facilitate sessions with this in mind weekly in SD61 with various groups from parents, students, teachers, and Principals/Vice-Principals. Material is constantly being updated, often until moments before I begin, and it is always tailored to the group. I will often tweet the Google Slides out to a relevant hashtag so that attendees can have the slides on their device and even copy it to their Google Drive. Apologies for some missed credits, I am still in the process of cleaning it up. Also please notice I often team to create a broader voice.

Connecting the Next Digital Leaders: Developing Student Capacity for Success Online ISTE 2015 W/ Victoria Olson

Empowering Digital Leaders CAP 2015 W/ Aaron Maxwell

Driving Change with Google Apps for Education IT4K12 W/ Neil Stephenson and Richard Campbell

Learning with iPads Tapestry Conference 2015

From Digital Citizenship to Digital Leadership Tapestry Conference 2015

Connecting the Next Digital Leaders IL4K12 W/ Victoria Olson