Making Wordles!

Today we took copies of George Jay Elementary School Code of Conduct “SOAR” and typed it into a wordle. Here are a few samples of our work!

Here is my sample:

Here is student work from Divisions 1,2 and 3

2 thoughts on “Making Wordles!

  1. Hi Dave, I loved reading many of your posts! So inspiring. I am a new Tech Teacher at an elementary school in Surrey (SD36) and my task is to get the school up and running using IPads and other technologies in the classrooms. I am in desperate need of some help: Where do I start? How do I start? My position is only part time (2 days a week). I noticed that the school does not have its own twitter account (yet), no blog site set up, and the computer lab itself refers back to the 90s. I liked your picture of the fire hydrant, which pretty much sums up how I feel these days: There is so much information out there, but where do I begin? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Hi Oliver,

      I remember being in your exact spot a few years ago. You are already doing the right thing in researching, and reaching out to people for advice. I would suggest you find a few tech teachers in your district that you could visit and pick their brain on what they are doing. I made a trip to Surrey last year to see how Surrey was using iPads and it was incredible. Have you been in touch with Kevin Amboe yet? He has been a huge resource for me from Surrey.

      I could help you online, but one conversation with a teacher, even if its during time where students are in the lab with you, can turn out to be so valuable. The benefit of a part time position is the flexibility of your day time to go do those visits.

      Starting with iPads in the school is a huge topic. You are on the right track with focussing on tech IN the classrooms. I found this recently from Abbotsford school district 34. I would confirm a lot of the same steps. Also, I would suggest get teachers using iPads long before expecting to use them with students.

      Also, get on Twitter and start connecting with others who are in your same position. You can start with me if you like at @mr_shortreed, see who I follow, and go from there. Twitter is my biggest source of ProD.

      Hope that helps!


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