The PAC says "We want a Smartboard!"

Today I recieved a letter from the PAC in advocacy of the installation of a SMARTboard in the computer lab at George Jay Elementary.

Please read the rationale that the PAC has written for the advocacy of smartboards at George Jay

“Students are limited with their interaction with peers in a classroom. A SMARTboard allows students to discuss ideas and share learning in a wholeclass venue using a single computer. This technology therefore doubles the capacity of classrooms to be fully engaged with online experiences. This technology also allows the teacher to teach the class “from” the computer, taking advantage of online video clips, audio clips and other interactive sites. Students can come to the screen and interact with what is presented with the ability to write in “digital ink”.

The SMARTboard is an especially effective tool for teaching students in lower grades to navigate the many menus and hypertext environment of the screen before ever attempting the same operations on a laptop computer. In addition to being able to write on the screen, the user can also access an on screen keyboard which allows students to see all of the keystrokes performed, something which cannot be seen when using a traditional projector and computer.

A SMARTboard will enhance a classroom learning environment and support the “technical” development of our world.”

   Written by the PAC on Feburary 21st 2011


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