Using a Youtube Channel in School

Teaching in two schools that are K-5, it is mostly my grade 4s and 5s who request to go on Youtube. I have made a school rule of no Youtube, or social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) because of potential inappropriate content exposure. But I also feel that Youtube offers many positive oppurtunities for students. There are many songs and videos that students can explore that are age appropriate. Also, I feel that this type of media is important to share within an educational setting because it is such a huge part of our world.

So recently I have found a solution: the creation of a Youtube channel.   Typically at the beginning of each class I show a playful Youtube video either just for entertainment.

Here are a few tips and rules:

1.Make playlists: I have found that making playlists inside the channel are very useful. I made a playlist for myself, for teachers, and for students. Take a look!

Mr. Shortreed’s Youtube Channel

2. Clear student rules: no searching, no going outside the student playlist. I placed this playlist link on my website:

Mr. Shortreed’s Student Youtube Channel

3. Have a request sheet in the computer lab for students to write down requests.


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