Flipboard and my top 5 Ed Tech blogs

My favorite app on my iPad 2 right now is Flipboard.  I am using it for my own blog reading, but it can be easily extended to students who could use an alternative way of reading.

Here are my top 5 Ed Tech blogs that I am following on my Flipboard. I’ve included their twitter feeds as well, since I am now aware of the necessity of twitter for my learning.
As an aspiring administrator, Steven Anderson’s blog plays an important role in my professional development.  On his blog and his Twitter, @web20classroom, Anderson sees ed tech in the bigger picture.

Written for the most part by Kelly Walsh with a sprinkling of guest blog posts, EmergingEdTech focuses on new and innovative technology tools.  One of my favorite things about this blog is the Weekly Tweet Wrap from@EmergingEdTech that offers links to tools and stories from the previous week in ed tech.

Originally started by a teacher in pursuit of a paperless classroom, TeachPaperless is now a blog detailing new tools in ed tech through the eyes of over ten talented writers.  The fact that this blog has so many contributers means that you get regular stream of updates.

The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness
Michael Zimmer’s blog, like all of these others, keeps up with the latest trends in ed tech.  What I like most about it, though, are the resources broken down by subject area.  He also posts a weekly roundup of subject area resources to keep core-subject teachers up to date with the latest tools.

Free Technology for Teachers
If you’re interested in ed tech and haven’t heard of Richard Byrne, you must be living under a rock.  This is the best ed tech blog around.  His blog and his Twitter, @rmbyrne, are chock-full of the latest ed tech resources.  If you don’t read another blog on this list, read this one.

– Mr. Shortreed

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