My top 5 free iPad apps for Intermediate (3-5) Classroom use

Here is my current list top of  free apps that I think are most useful in a classroom to engage students in learning using iPads.

Google Earth – holding the world in your hand at a whole new level. This app can be used to teach geography, directions/orientation, map reading, landforms, etc.

Toontastic – Such an amazing way to engage students in the elements of story writing, characters, setting, conflict, sondtrack, and narrative. Students can create cartoons with this app, using pre-set characters and settings or their own, set it to a soundtrack, and record their own voice to each slide. It is simple, guided, and offers a beautiful finished product.

Dictation – Not typically seen as a educational app, this business app is an easy to use voice recorder that records your voice and types it into text. I have been pleasantly surprised with the apps ability to capture even the most casual language delivery and quick speech, and would be an amazing app for students who have trouble writing down their ideas or have typing difficulties. It can also be used to help student use a clear voice and be excited to share written stories.

MathBoard Addition – One of the many iPad math learning tools, this free app only covers addition, but offers a great space to try doing math on a digital chalkboard. For quick assessments, or private math work, this app offers various settings and problems for students.

2X2=4 – This app is new this month and has climbed the educational free app charts quickly. The app works on various multiplication levels and a pirate game platform. Learning your multiplication tables is an amazing bi-product of this game.

With so many educators looking for new apps, I am sure this list will evolve tomorrow. With over 400,000 apps, and thousands of lists and spaces for educators to coolaberate, it is only getting easier to share resources. Ipadannie is particularly one of my favorite app search lists right now. Check out her top education apps- here.


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